The trip to Bayern went well, so it went that way again in 1991. Martin wanted to come along and by train we left for Kulmbach. For the entertainment in the evening we had selected a number of locations where there was something of a (public) party. In Kulmbach was Altstadtfest, so we could start right away... Kulmbach was a kind of Beer Mecca, it had four breweries in those years (EKU, Reichelbräu, Mönchshof and Sandlerbräu). Now it has all merged into one concern. The next day by train to that other beer city: Bamberg, which also has a beautiful center. Nice was the lunch at Schlenkerla (known for the Rauchbier): you could get your own food at the bakery or butcher and so we got a Leberkäse. In the cafe we ​​got plate and cutlery and we could eat it. Later in the afternoon we were also in the beautiful Beergarten of Greifenklau. The next day the next party: the Gregoriusfest, a children's parade followed by beer for the adults :-). The marquee was already set up on the large square for the Kulmbacher Bierwoche at the end of the month. I had been here before in 1988.

The next place was already in the schedule last year: Warmensteinach. Given the nice contacts from the year before, repeated in that village. Peter, from the local bus company, I had met last year and he took us out. The first evening to Bischofsgrün. Along the way we witnessed a fight between two large stags in the middle of the street, impressive! Later in the week to the Schützenfest in Oberwarmensteinach.
Then the trip to the south of Bayern, to Mittenwald, near the border with Austria at the bottom of the Karwendel Mountains. Tourism is more developed than in Franconia and so there is more to do in the evening anyway. Mittenwald also has its own brewery, so of course it had to be photographed. For the rest, the center of Mittenwald is very photogenic. From Mittenwald you could easily take the train to Innsbruck. Unfortunately, the weather was very bad that day and we spent most of that time in the bar.... But we still had a look at the Goldenes Dach and Maria-Theresien-Straße.

And then back to "my" Reit im Winkl. No trips this time because there was a three-day Schützenfest in the village and so plenty to do. Apparently there is now a Festsaal, but then there was still a party tent on Tiroler Straße. And the local traditions came into the picture, such as a real competition Schuhplatteln.
Then to the last location: Forchheim, because there was the Annafest "auf den Kellern". Traditionally, in summer the beer was stored in a kind of hollow in the mountain next to the village, so that it remained cool. But because of this, Beergartens were also created on site. And all those Biergartens together organize the Annafest once a year (actually about the same as the Bergkirchweih in Erlangen, which is even bigger). Lots of happy people, music and fairground, so we could enjoy ourselves there for a few days. A special detail is that the beer is still served there in stone pitchers. After a few days it had been nice and the trip went back to Hengelo.